Sound Construction Site

Sound Construction Site

So, audio editing is a work in progress for me. I spent a lot of time working on each assignment, only to finally realize I wasn’t going to modern, electronic Mozart on my first try. My pieces aren’t going to sound like what I hear on the radio or at DJ event, if they did, I would already have very lucrative career in those fields. I accepted these were decent first drafts for someone who has zero experience with the medium. So, please enjoy! 

Song mashup 

Rookie mistake number one – after uploaded this to SoundCloud, it was taken down for copyright reasons. Truth is, I don;t know how other people did this assignment without breaching copyrights, other than it appears to can mix audio within the SoundCloud site? And I already spend a plethora of time learning a fraction of Audacity this week – no way this was getting redone by the end of the week. I’ve loaded it here as a file and apologize for that. 

Rookie mistake number two – pretty much everything else. I was able to learn to overlay, to fade in and out, to adjust amplification, tempo, and speed, but the tracks still didn’t blend together as seamlessly as I wanted. Adding to to the frustration, I could only reverse editing decisions one at a time, so if I decided that I didn’t like the way it sound because of a change I made three steps previous, they only way I knew to correct it was undo the last three steps and redo the two I wanted to keep. 

For your (somewhat) listening pleasure. I choose two contemporary songs from different genres with the same theme and almost identical names.  “Strip That Down” by Liam Payne and “Strip It Down” by Luke Bryan. 

Sound Effect Story

This one, I;m actually quite proud of. I used ten different sound effects to create the story and was careful to include as much detail as I could. For instance, adding a high heel step or two between the bathroom stall closing and the sink turning on. the end result, in my opinion accurate depicts a panic attack in public.

One on One Interview

This was by far my favorite challenge of the week, perhaps because I created it! I decided to my superhero related assignment to interview myself as my superhero Khatyka. I wrote a script and record the conversation in one take on my phone. Then I used an online file converter to create wav file, uploaded to Audacity and used the pitch manipulator to alter my voice whenever Valerie was speaking. Other than some word slip-ups, I’m really pleased with the result and hope other students enjoy creating their own self on self interviews.

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