Super supper and small talk.

Super supper and small talk.

My ideal radio show….. sure I’ve thought about this before, but getting class credit and the opportunity to give it whirl – how intriguing.

So what would the radio show look like? I’m sure most people find their friends fascinating, otherwise why are you friends? But of course, I believe my friends are objectively fascinating. World travelers, artists, activists, doctors, scientists, professors, and entrepreneurs – I could interview them all day long. And they know even more fascinating people. As a side note – I have no idea why they hang out with the likes of me, but I’m not questioning it. But the most fun, the real “meat” of our relationships comes in the form of discussion around the dinner table, late night, with a couple glasses of wine.

We naturally ask discussion questions ranging from the silly, “What’s the most perverted band name you can think of’” to the personal, “what value do you place on marriage;” to the philosophical, “Has reality television and popular culture superseded civil service and Beyonce is the only person who could beat Trump in the next election.” And yes, my friend has cultivated a theory as to why that last point is true. Just ask him. Why not extend that conversation to specific topics? A roundtable of a causal nature. A fly on the wall, peel back the curtain perspective. Sanctioned eavesdropping.

A “host” could facilitate the topic and steer the conversation in the general direction if it starts to veer too far off course. But let’s be honest, some of the most interesting conversations happen when people veer off topic.

Example topics:

  • Can you think of any heroic or super-heroic powers that have become obsolete with modern inventions? Do you see inventions on the horizon that may make current powers obsolete, or at least much less impressive?
  • What qualifies as a superhero to you? Do you think modern popular culture requires a broader definition of superheroes? Are superheroes tied to the cultural significance of their time of origin?
  • Why do some superheroes stand the test of time and others fade away? What makes one superhero popular and another insignificant?
  • What influence does (corporate and/or non-corporate) America have on the superhero industry and narrative? Are superheroes universal culturally? Are superheroes tools of soft power (corporately and/or non-corporately)?

3 Replies to “Super supper and small talk.”

  1. I like this idea a lot! Although talk shows are primarily broadcasted on television, solely using sound to convey opinions could be more engaging and forces the listener to not create prejudged opinions on physical aspects. Unfortunately it is something that we are all guilty of but it’s our brain simply grouping ideas and trying to create connections. Focusing on sound can help the listener focus better on understanding of other viewpoints.

  2. Those topic questions are great. They give you a lot to work with. The challenge, I think, would be in incorporating audio production in with the conversation. It would be interesting to see it through.

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