I’ve been pleasantly surprise how easy the collaboration between most members of the group has been solely through online communication. I live and work in Arlington, so meeting in person wasn’t an option for me. And while online communication made my life easier, it also made me nervous about putting together a radio show.

I was late to the game for personal reasons, but really thankful Amanda and Ashley took the lead and initiative to get the ball rolling through emails and a google document.  

Communication in general has been really great with everyone contributing. It can be a little tricky when people don’t announce who they are via google documents, but we worked through it. I think the toughest aspect of the group project for me are silent members. It’s very difficult to gauge progress when people aren’t actively engaging regularly. I have absolute faith that all will end well, and I’m eager to hear all the pieces together. (starts biting nails….)  

For my part, I was so happy with my results. I utilized some of the skills I learned during audio week, like adjusting volume for different segments, cutting, and time shifting; but I also learn some new awesome skills like clipping boundaries and adding silence. My only regret on the audio is the recording of the opening and closing. There is an amateur, echoing sound. If I had had time I would have opted to rerecord those parts using the “interview” function on my phone microphone, rather than the standard setting.

In addition to using sounds pulled from Freesound, I found a site dedicated to movie audio, MovieSoundClips. My only concern with this sourcing is that the files are for educational and research purposes, so I hope it doesn’t cause a problem with SoundCloud. (holds breath).  

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