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Creating a movie poster based on Khatyrka, I immediately had the idea to show a woman’s shoulder with a tattoo of a quasi-crystal. The first mission was to find a quasi-crystal image I though would work. While googling for images, I came across some hard mental octagonal die, and thought about changing the concept to incorporate just the die. I ultimately felt this left out the human element of Khatyrka story, and as a psychologist and healer, I felt that imagery would be too cold.

Once I found a simple quasi-crystal tile formation, I attempted to hollow out the background several ways , trying two different free online programs, as well as paint without any luck. I wasn’t getting the result I needed. I finally relented and decided to use Microsoft Word for the editing. I was able to remove the background as well the space between the tiles so that when super imposed on the image of a woman’s back, you could still see her skin.

Next, I found a stock image from Ann Elliot Photography with a blue tint, giving it an eerie, cold, and still quality. Using a cropped portion of this image, I laid the quasi-crystal image on top. Unfortunately, despite multiple attempts at adjust the color and adding shadow, the “tattoo” still appeared to be resting on top of the image, rather than than a part of her skin.

I began adjusting the ‘effects’ option, and because of the blue hue of her skin, the effects blending well as a scar/birthmark/lasered of tattoo. I think this may be an even more intrigued mark than a tattoo, so I decided to roll with it and I’ll just have to incorporate it in her story as it processes.

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  1. So good! The layout of your poster conveys an interesting tone for the (hypothetical) movie. I think the branding/birthmark look of the quasi-crystal tile is a really unique physical trait for Khatyrka.

  2. I like the sense of minimalism in the poster, and the way the positioning of the figure creates a few simple shapes. You might try Paint.NET ( for image editing. It’s pretty powerful for a free program, and would probably give you the blending effect you were looking for.

  3. This is a really interesting movie poster! You designed it really well and it looks so real! I love that you found the quasi-crystal tile for her and were able to add it to her shoulder, making it look like apart of her. I also like that you made it very minimal, as sometimes I feel like busy posters are too much.

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