Weekly Summary #6

Weekly Summary #6

Read/Watch and Reflect

Design can be used to tell stories a variety of ways. This week in ‘Fast Forward or Rewind,’ I explored Hassna Otsmane-Elhaou’s analyses of design elements used in comics to illustrate inner thoughts, change the mood, convey action, and even create time alteration.

Creative anomalies in their usual structure provided the audience a look into the minds of Jessica Jones and Nadia of The Wasp. While, color, focus, and tight frames challenge the mood of Jen in Hulk and all the characters of Steve Dillon’s The Preacher. But my favorite analyses were those focused on time manipulation and the interaction of the author and the reader when displaying time. I was particularly enthralled with the Black Window by Wilson, and the expert level design element used like a mind game to guide the viewer to the exact speed, tempo, and rhythm of the action.

Complete a DesignBlitz

Ok- I cheated a little on this one. I wasn’t able to get enough photos throughout the week, so I dug into my photo archives. I explored the minimalism, symbolism, and typography of a book cover; the repetition, unity, balance, and rhythm of architectural design; the message and functionality of street art; and the dominance, use of space, and proportion of a corporate logo. 

Daily Creates: 

Created with WordArt

You Could Cut It With A Knife

I was a layout editor in high school, so I was excited for the challenge of creating a comic strip from a movie scene. I chose to work with my favorite movie “The Women,” The movie has several action packed scenes, but I liked the idea of using design to drive home the mood, rather than action. I used Microsoft word to create the comic, using a grid pattern, adding text boxes, cropping images, and photo editing.

I used size, white space, color and placement to illustrate the cold yet tense confrontation between the women.

My most frustrating moment during this process was realizing I wanted to add the paint brush effect AFTER converting the files to PDF as two separate files. It took several attempts of converting the files back and forth to make sure the panels were updated and more importantly consistent. I then combined the files for the final product. Additionally, when screenshot to embed on the blog, the image doesn’t look as altered as when opened as a PDF, which is a bummer.

Other design assignments:

Minimalist Movie Poster: I utilized Microsoft word to remove the background from a quasi-crystal image and superimpose it on a photo of a woman’s back. I played around with the photo editor tools within word to achieve a cohesive look. I then upload the full image to Poster My Wall and using a book cover template added text to the image. I’m really pleased with the result.

Character Word Cloud: What makes a person who they are? What shapes you? These were the questions I asked myself when creating a word cloud based on Khatykra. I used WordArt to create the image, and I am very pleased with the results. 


Minimalize Your Philosophy: I used Canva for poster making. I’m a fan of minimalism.. Every aspect of the design must have meaning. Everything included in the frame must have purpose. The inspiration behind my minimalist design was a quote from Brene Brown, “If you own this story, you get to write the ending.” I stripped it down further to just “Write it.” For the imagery, I used my passion as inspiration.


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