Eye of the beholder

Eye of the beholder

I would consider myself an avid yet extraordinarily amateur photographer. My favorite media for sharing photos is my Instagram and my preferred camera is my phone. What I really like about Instagram’s platform is it works best if the person posting is selective in his or hers choices. An Instagram page then becomes a personal art gallery comprised of carefully curated pieces. While this approach is possible on other photo sharing platforms like Flickr or Facebook, I find most people use those sites for full albums – dozens of photos of almost the same thing or event. I prefer finding the perfect photo that tells a story, or more precisely, my story.  

My story consists of mainly three points of view that I have begun to frame my Instagram around: Large picture items; small, slice of life close-ups; and personal action items. For large picture items, I try to create images that capture an entire event – a concert, a vacation, a rally. These photos tend to be the most visually stunning, but often tell the least from a story perspective.


My favorite type of photo are the more intimate close-up photos. I really try to convey my own unique view of the world with these photos. To find beauty in ordinary items, playing with light, filters, and angles, I can capture a story based on feeling and emotion. Or at least, that’s the goal. I’m a fan of juxtaposition in these photos particularly with playing with light.

Lastly, I have personal action photos. These photos help engage my audience because people like photos of people on social media – these are often the most “liked” photos. I prefer candid photos with movement, but I’m learning to appreciate a well photographed portrait.

I like to augment the photos with either a quote or a quick, concise yet broad caption 

almost like a title for a personal gallery. I think this can help focus on what emotion or feeling I’m trying to share. For me, the most important and satisfying part of photography is expressing a viewpoint that is unique to me.

I’ve always been able to create images in my head before materializing them – so when I’m out in the world, I see people and objects and places in as final stylized images that evoke a feeling in me. My goal, my challenge, is to create that refined picture for someone else – to literally get them to see something exactly as I do in my head.

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  1. Can’t get enough of your photos! Photography (and Instagram) are two of my favorite things and I really enjoy getting to see other people’s work who truly appreciate the art and thought process behind it all. Great work.

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