It’s (size) relative

It’s (size) relative

Challenge: Use photo editing software of your choice to splice pairs of pictures into single images. Play with scale in delightful ways. See artist Stephen McMennamy’s great collection.

I became a little bit of a perfectionist about this challenge. My first attempt was based on wanting to make a statement. I thought about creating a visual representation of actions and consequences. I decided to search for images of guns that I could then pair with something representing the opposite or a reaction. After trying a couple of combinations, including guns and doves, I settled on a child’s arm being bandaged and a sand colored gun. When I spliced the image the coloring was slightly off, so using paint, I color selected and “painted” pixels crossing each other.


Once I was complete, I was happy with the image, but not how well it matched the assignment. By blending the images, I lost the artistic style of the clean cut splice.

I decided to try again. This time I attempting finding a solid color background, but this proved the most difficult to find a perfectly matching color like pink or green in two separate images. I figured black would be by best bet and choose an image of strawberries. At this point, I realized I could use the “see similar images” in google to potentially find a picture with the same color background and object. This worked and I selected a flowing sheet if red. When I spliced these images, I was unhappy with the result for two reasons – the water visible in the strawberry image ruined the continuity of the background and the image didn’t play with scale at all.

For my last attempt, I returned to an idea I had tried at the beginning of the challenge with a women and pill. During that effort I was using photos with pink backgrounds and just couldn’t get it right. For this try, I googled “pill” and found an image with a white neutral background. I then googled “yellow man” – and found the hazmat man. Using Word, I rotated, spliced, and scaled the images together.

I am very happy with the result (minus the watermark). I was able to create a piece that made a statement, played with scale, and stayed true to the artistic styling of the inspiration.

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