Weekly Summary #4

Weekly Summary #4

Wow was this week jam-packed. Then again, I might have become a little obsessive with the assignments this week. Like, say I’ll work on a project for one hour and spend four hours kind of obsessive – but that passion, right? Right?!

Anyway…… I started the week blogging about “Eye of the Beholder” and one of my favorite social mediums, Instagram. I love this platform because it is your own personal art gallery. You can pick a theme, a style, a diary – all telling a story. I (try) to carefully curate my own page and give a full portfolio of what I find beautiful and inspiring in the world around me. Hopefully, I’m succeeding most of the time.

The most fun.

I had the most fun working on “Iron….Woman.” I tend to be rather wordy in my posts, so I decided to try something different and let the visuals speak for themselves in this post. I think it worked out really well, even if it took hours to put to find all the right pieces. I spent time lightening photos on BeFunky, layering and cropping photos in Microsoft word, finding and utilizing a newspaper clipping generator and breaking news generator, and a fair amount of time learning-curving my way through Adobe Spark. But I was super happy with the results.




The most frustrating.

My smaller assignments provided the most frustration this week. I ended up posting three versions of spliced art in “It’s (size) Relative” because I was happy with the first piece, but didn’t find it represented the assignment. Unhappy with the second piece, but felt it represented the assignment. And finally, Goldie-locked by way into the third piece with which I was both happy and felt it represented the assignment.

I can’t say I was out and out frustrated with “Uncanny,” but more that I was feeling a little burnt out after the splicing assignment.




The most passionate.

And time consuming. By Far. But I truly loved the work so much, that I just couldn’t cut it short. Exploring one five minute scene from Wonder Woman through a frame by frame analysis of art in “WONDERful Art” was an absolute dream. It combined movies, art, love, emotion, technique, psychology – the list goes on, and that was in a mere dozen frames. Working on this, I was in full-on academic-nerd-passion mode.  

The most forgotten.

I’m not going to lie, “Photoblitzing….. or bombing” was a forgotten project. Luckily, it was only 20 minutes, which I did in 10 and as a result, botched the project! I didn’t get photos or screenshots of the time, and I missed a photo all together. I suppose with most things in life, sometimes creativity fuels you and sometimes it drains you. Yin and yang, ya know.

The Daily

Loved the paperback paradise project!

Got to show off my Instagram, again.

And introduce my snapchat!


I don’t want to reign myself in when I’m riding the creative wave, but I don’t want to burn out towards the end of the week either. My goal for next week is to find a structured plan that allows me to dive deep on projects I love without compromising smaller projects.  

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