Final Chapter – part 1

Final Chapter – part 1

For my final crisis project, I decided to do a remix on the idea that the world, and DS106 along with it, is ending. The specific apocalyptic viewpoint I’ll be creating is that an unknown source, entity, or villain is killing off superheros across the globe. I’ll convey this story in multiple parts using various techniques we’ve learned through the course of the semester.

Most of the storytelling will center around breaking news, including a story map of events in various parts of the world and a radio ‘breaking news’ report detailing the latest wave of superhero attacks. These will be augmented by designed crime scene of one superheros death and a news report composed using real life headlines

To humanize, or in this case, super-humanize the story, I’ll edit a superhero ‘in memoriam’ video and create an Instagram account with a similar purpose. 

Finally, I don’t intend on solving this crisis, but my superhero, Khatyka, will have to face the evil herself. A recovered audio file leaves clues to her last known whereabouts…… 







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