Final Chapter….. Part 2 and Reflections

Final Chapter….. Part 2 and Reflections


This map plots out the first four attacks. Originally thought to be unrelated incidents, as the number continued to grow and eye witness accounts were collected, a much more sinister picture began to emerge as the world began to realize some one or something was targeting the world’s superhero community.  


Detroit’s Silverdome is still standing after attempted implosion. This attack is just among the many seemingly connected assaults aimed at Superheroes across the globe this week. Prior to today’s incident, an ‘Explosion’ detected near Argentine submarine [was the] last known location of the mysterious entity believed to be responsible for the recent crime wave.

In an effort to anticipate and prevent further destruction, the US government has begun analyzing weak spots throughout the country, and a preliminary investigation of big Keystone spill raises red flag about weights used to anchor pipeline and their effectiveness against a particularly super strong adversary. In China, China’s ‘Monkey King’ satellite detects mysterious signals in search for dark matter prior to each attack, which is a tantalizing clue to discovering this unknown assassin.

The swarm of violence is also taking it’s toll on the civilian population. Despite Superheroes being the targets of these attacks, currently, the US investigates reports of civilian casualties in Afghanistan, England, India, and the United States. Many global organizations are also noting that after waves of disasters, some nonprofits fear donor fatigue during critical holiday fundraising.

The threat has become so great that unlikely bedfellows, both heroes and villains have been reportedly working together. Christmas photos with Darth Vader, Batman, Spiderman, Santa and Disney princess Belle meeting having been widely circulated on popular gossip websites.  Still others in the Superhero community want the general public to know “we are here, and we are not afraid” giving regular press conferences and distributing safety pamphlets including ‘Superman is always outside your window’ with this new poster.

So much loss in such a short time. Here is a video of just a few of the revered members of the Superhero community who were taken too soon by this evil entity. 

Fans have taken to social media to express their mourning of those already lost.


A surveillance camera caught the following only know photo of the unknown entity attacking DeadPool during a parade in Washington DC….


Our last known clue to this evil force is a audio recording found near the Main Central Station It is also the last sighting of Superhero Khatyka…..

REFLECTIONS (Weekly summary)

Not only was this project more fun than I expected, it really helped cement some of the skills I’ve learned over the semester. In fact, for the video, I had to go back and re-read my own blog post to jog my memory on the program and techniques used. 

I enjoyed the freedom allowed for the final crisis. While the superhero theme was captivating at first, I really couldn’t see continue that theme as a full story line for the final project. Being able to tweak the lens into viewpoint I could connect with – is this case a true crime / unsolved mystery slant, opened me up to finding that same intrigue and excitement I had at the beginning of the semester. 

What impressed me the most about this project was how comfortable I have become with the different types of mediums. Learning audio and visual programming to a level I feel proud of. I could obviously still use work on the visual effects (see crime scene photo), but the experience also removed a lot of self doubt and fear I had about approaching the technology. The interactive map was a brand new medium that I handled without any hesitation and successfully embed using code – a major step for me. 

In conclusion, this final project not only illustrations a final crisis, but also a new begin. The beginning of my fearless exploration into new ventures – and that’s a lesson that transcends screen and keyboard. 





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