My Bat Symbol is A Dandelion

My Bat Symbol is A Dandelion


When was the last time you looked through your phone’s contact list? I mean really LOOKED. Not scrolled. Not perused for through for names saved next to eggplant, peach, and heart emojis, but really looked. Stopped. Thought about the connection you have with that person; why that person is in your phone to begin with and why after meeting once 3 years ago, you still save the number?

Keeping this in mind, I decided to map my phone contacts, connecting each person who introduced me to another person. In many cases several people intertwined, but I keep it as simple as possible, who was my first or main point of contact.

(works best to use zoom function)

The result left me with a dancing dandelion of connections and I don’t think anything could illustrate the fragility, persistence, and beauty of friendship better.

Now excuse me while I purge some old contacts.


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  1. I can definitely relate; my contact list is often ignored since the people I actually talk to are easily found in my inbox. I thought your interpretation of the dandelion-shaped connections was especially moving. Great read!

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