My Invisible Cape

My Invisible Cape

I’ve always been a fan of vision boards. Make them. Hang them.

Mediate in their general direction. Usually this is a solo activity – partially because most people don’t seem into the vision board idea, and partially because I never asked.

So when I stumbled upon a vision board workshop at a local arts collective with the promise of meeting like-minded people AND mimosas and cookies  – I was ready to level up. I was ready to create a new square in my patchwork cape.

If I lost you there at the end, let me explain:

My cape isn’t visible. It doesn’t hang around my neck or flow behind me when I walk. It’s the daily ritual I do every morning preparing myself for battle with the inner demons ready to fly out at me throughout the day. So, now when I make my way to the closet and open the door – I see this…

And I remind myself of the world of possibilities that await me.










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