Weekly Summary #1

Weekly Summary #1

This first week, I learned that I really had nothing to fear.

This is a common theme in the comic book of my life. I procrastinate. I avoid. I make excuses. When inevitably, whanever I finally face the terrible foe, I find it much smaller than the monster I had created in my head.  Given this propensity to allow my imagination to loom over me, I found nothing harder than I expected, quite the opposite, really. I had fun and got creative. My imagination expanded in the other direction. Instead of a three-headed, gate-keeping dog I had been fearing, I found my sidekicks Fun, Creativity, and Passion and leveled up. If I had to find a flaw in the process, it would be that I have so much to learn – so much more I can do and create! (And that we use flickr instead of instagram, but that’s another edition)


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