Weekly Summary #10

Weekly Summary #10

It was a new week and I was ready to CRUSH it. After a couple weeks of sub-par work (and living), I was ready to get back in the saddle as they say and hit one out of the ballpark. (I’m sensing a cliche theme here….)

How to Read a Movie and Every Frame a Painting

The week began with what I do best – research. So I was already off to a strong start. Reading, listening, watching, absorbing knowledge?- we are in my element.

I found Ebert’s article on how to read a movie clear and concise reiterating a lot of the concepts we saw during photography week, but with much broader definitions. He made it clear the compositions were “tendencies” rather than laws, and it can be just as effective to go against these “intrinsic weightings” as it can be to follow them.

For the Every Frame a Painting series, I decided to watch all the videos. There were only 28 videos at an average of 7 minutes each and I love watching YouTube, so this was an easy call. I was even enticed into watching a few of the films reviewed.

Video Essay

To say I was intimidated by this assignment is an is an understatement. Once again, i knew I would be working from point zero. i have no experience with video creation, video editing, or voice-overs. What gave me the most hope was successfully working through audio and radio week. I was able to learn a lot in a short period of time and produce something I enjoyed, so I believed I could do that again with video. In Video Essay, I was overall pleased with the end results. Some of the voice-over could be better and the clip is much too long at the end, but for a first try, not so bad.

Life Hacks

I had some issues selecting what video editing software to use, but took it in stride as a growing experience in Life Hacks (and video lessons).

Day in the Life and Narrative Ambiance

These were two of the most fun to work on in Day in the Life and Poetry.

Daily Creates

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