Weekly Summary #2

Weekly Summary #2

So this week got away from me and as I type against the deadline, I can’t help but feel proud and excited about the work I did accomplish.

Which is not to say I won’t be breathing a huge sigh of relief when I hit the “publish” button.

To start, I was late to the game for #dailycreate

but I was pleased with my tweets. Especially, “The Bachelorette Dead or Alive,” this was actually a concept my friends and I had imagining a Weekend at Bernie’s meets typical reality TV persona.

I also tweeted about cell phones and chai tea.

Capes, Feminism, and Phone Numbers, oh my….


For my visual assignment – My Invisible Cape , I chose to create a collage. Truthfully, I lucked out on this one. I had the privilege of joining a group of women at a collective art studio a few weeks back to create a vision board. That vision board now lives on my closet door so I see it every day while getting ready. The creative work here was assessing it’s meaning and connecting it to the super hero theme.

For my design assignment – Let’s Talk Feminism , I decided to create a movie line image; however this could be considered a remix because I chose to podcast style talk about the image rather than blog about it. This was by far my passion project for this week. The Women is my favorite movie, I love all things cultural, and I’m a feminist! To be honest, I much more enjoyed talking about the design than the design; although I did use befunky for image editing for the first time and was quite impressed. I would definitely recommend it for a design novice like me.


The most time consuming and educational assignment was my web assignment – My Bat Symbol is A Dandelion . The crowning achievement of this project was embedding the interactive slide presentation. WordPress does not automatically convert the webpage like it does with twitter and YouTube, so I had to find the answer elsewhere. Luckily, the question exist out in the inter-webs and a nice gentleman provided the basic coding for embedding the frame. I understand ZERO about coding correctly, so this was a big deal for me to get right.

Besides correctly embedding the frame, I learned how to use the organizational tool Kumu. Which was a delight. Initially, I was imputing each phone number directly on the web map, however it was rather time consuming and also visually difficult to navigate as more and more names were added. So I switched to the import method. Kumu allows you to import excel spreadsheets with the relevant information. I could have used the spreadsheet to enter both names and relations, but I chose to enter just names and manually arrange the relationships. (I’m a sucker for a spreadsheet, so I found this more enjoyable than you would think.)

Once I had all the names input and began arrange them by relationship, I went through a few different strategies before settling on one I found aesthetically pleasing. I starting with connecting every person that knows each other, but that was far to intertwined. I switched to a single point of contact and directly to me, but again, it felt too cluttered. I tried organizing “unattached” names to a source labeled “random”, then separating them into “guys” and “gals” and even just attached each solo person to me before choosing not to attach them to anything. The trial and error of the design was definitely were I spent most of my time of this project. I’m super proud of the outcome, and thrilled people can interact with the frame directly on my blog!

I am I doing it right…..?

My greatest concerns this week have been if I’m completing all the assignments (and parts of the assignments) and if I’m tagging/linking everything correctly. The fear is don’t get credit not because the work wasn’t done, but because I goofed on the directing people there!

Level up!

My next personal challenge (although I’m not making any promising this coming week) is to hopefully learn a little more coding so I might be able to make a few design changes to my page. Most notably, I’d like to tweak the fonts and change the “link” color – the light green isn’t strong enough for me.

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