Weekly Summary #3

Weekly Summary #3

This week was a double edged sword. I can’t remember the last time I was able to really let my imagination run that wild for that long and feel productive!  It was almost overwhelming how in depth I could dive into my stories and I certainly didn’t have time to write it all down as fast as I could imagine it. Nor would I wish that amount of reading for my audience! And therein lies the other edge of the sword. I could have spent the entire week on just ONE of these assignments. I had to condense my visions a bit to allow time to create everything. 

Speaking of create –  Daily Creates:

  1. This was my favorite daily create so far. I’m an avid Instagram user and it’s always fascinating to get the viewer to see the world as you see it, which is what great editing can do. For the picture below, I ended up editing it this way because my friends timing of walking passed was so perfect. I chose black and white because it blurred the lines between the art and the reality, merging them together. 

2. This was a challenging daily create for me because I’ve never created a gif. I’m confident there are better ways to do this, but I approached it as a stop motion. First I cut out the tank image by removing the background in PowerPoint. Then I overlaid it on the Asian print in word. Then I screenshot each frame as I moved the tank. I uploaded the screenshots to a gif generator and this was the result. 

3. This was pretty easy for me. I’ve never been one for fantastical super powers, I like those that we each carry with us everyday. The image is from my Instagram and I did use a photo editor to make everything around me black and white. 

My favorite parts of the week were the two main superhero origin assignments. 

For Our Superheros, Ourselves , I explored what I found to be a large hole in Nevin’s argument for a lack of proto-superheros; his neglect for the importance of the lack of woman and POC being seen as superheros. Using Starfire’s origin story as an example and incorporating, Vonnegut’s Shape of Stories, I also made some connections to why superhero stories are so compelling to audiences. I really enjoyed reading Starfire’s origin story and exploring her as a character and the different versions of her. This was one of the tangents that made staying on time and task difficult. I don’t know much outside the mainstream superheros, so there is an additional learning curve trying to  explore ALL the information available. 

Khatykra. I could seriously write a whole book about her. When author’s talk about how the characters start to write themselves – I totally felt that. What I love so much about this origin story is everything (minus Valerie) is factual. I wanted to create a superhero that had cosmic powers of some sort and was tied to a real event. So I began exploring space events, star events, meteors, etc. I came across several articles about quasicrystals.

The first natural quasicrystal was found by Valery Kryachko in Russia in 1979 and both Luca Bindi and Paul Steinhardt are real scientists. The meteor rock DID sit in a museum in Florence and it was created by two asteroids colliding. 

To add to the complete picture I used Avatar Maker to design my vision of Khatykra. I found I wasn’t very interested in writing physical descriptions of characters, but I absolutely had a vision for her. 

I chose not to continue Khatykra story beyond the origins because, truthfully, I don’t even really know where it’s going. I don’t know who her parents really are, or what happened to them or why they came to earth, or if that was even their plan. I don’t know how her powers are going to manifest or who is her nemesis. I do have several stories from her childhood where we see glimpses of her powers, but I haven’t fully flushed those stories out. It’s really exciting to be along for the ride with a story you create. 

Perhaps we will learn more about Khatyka over the semester together. 

Creating Khatykra warmed me up for writing more creatively and vividly seeing action and characters unfold before me. For If I Were A…… I used the superhero name generator to find my superhero, Ms. Uber, and her incredible strength. I discovered that my favorite part of writing is forming relationships between characters. Setting the scene, building the story, and cluing the reader into two characters relationship without   labeling the relationship is an art form of nuance and subtly that I would like to hone. 

My final three writing assignments were pretty straightforward. 

I wrote a haiku about haikus which I managed to rhyme was well, so I was pretty pleased with myself. 

I rewrote a song as a police report. For this I found the prospect of selecting a song rather daunting so I used a random song generator to select a song for me. I just picked the first song – so it was an added challenge as the song may or may not have a criminal aspect. I was also able to tie in another song from the same artist into the police story. 

Finally, I decided to do my last assignment as Khatykra. This incorporated the superhero theme and allowed me to explore her character more. I created a twitter account for her and had her post three songs, each reflecting her feeling of homesickness. This was a variation of the Emotional Lyrics assignment. 

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