Weekly Summary #5

Weekly Summary #5

I have zero experience editing audio. Zero. The closest I’ve ever come to being a sound producer was burning CDs on my desktop with Napster was still a thing. Needless to say, this week’s audio assignments were a challenge for me. The process was slow, sometimes painful, and on a steep learning curve. The greatest challenge however, was accepting that I may not be able to produce a final project of which I could genuinely say I was proud.

And I know – “learning is an accomplishment in itself,” “it’s about the journey,” and “it is better to try and fail than to never try” – but I’m a results person. I’m a results person and often opt for the adage “anything worth doing is worth doing right.” As a result, I often avoid tasks that I can’t do perfectly, or at least more than competently.

So, I invite you along on my journey into my unknown…….

Audio Storytelling

First up, an example of that elusive perfection I’m always seeking. In “Silence is the Loudest Sound,” I explore the recording of “Moon Graffiti” from the podcast THE TRUTH. Throughout the podcast, we hear several sound effects that create and direct our mood through the action. Music, sound isolation and distortion and voice rhythm all play important roles in setting the scene; however, I argue that the strategic use of silence truly crafts a hauntingly moving account of how history could have been different.


Have you ever closed your eyes while watching television? In “Can You Hear What I See,” I reflect on a live tweeting experience while listening to an episode of Jessica Jones sans video. Tweeting up a storm about my thoughts and engaging fellow listeners with questions and answers. It was an hour well spent; as @lachdown3 noted.

Daily Creates

Along with accepting non-perfection, I also had to accept constrains of time management this week. The daily creates seemed a little more intensive this week, but regardless, I just didn’t fit three daily creates in this week. I won’t say I couldn’t because time management is all about priorities, but I’ll accept that sometimes I’m going to miss deadlines or let people down, but I’ll move forward with the drive to do better next week.

Radio Bumper

The radio bumper was a fun, creative task. I played around with different tones to my voice and different verbiage before settling on a rather upbeat lively version. The most difficult part was getting the sounds to blend so they didn’t sound like choppy sound bites strung together. I accomplished this by laying the quietest track of the galaxy sound under the spoken words.

Superhero soundtrack

The toughest thing about the superhero soundtrack assignment was working it out creatively, which I discuss in “Rule the World.” My other major concern, particularly after already having a project booted from SoundCloud, is the potential problem of using a song that is royalty free, but not necessarily copyright free. The Epidemic Sound site came up as both but encouraged licensing.

Here’s hoping it’s a go!

Assignment Bank

Mash-up: I made a few rookie mistakes that I explain in “Sound Construction Site.” Rookie mistake number one – after uploaded this to SoundCloud, it was taken down for copyright reasons. Rookie mistake number two – pretty much everything

Sound effects story: In the same post, I introduce my sound effects story. This one I’m actually really proud of. I used ten different sound effects blended together, overlaid, and repeated to create a story of a panic attack, which I on occasion suffer from.

Interview with my superhero: For the last challenge discussed in the Sound Contruction post, I opted to create an assignment. An interview with my superhero. I played both parts and used Audacity to alter my voice as Valerie.

Radio Show Ideas

My ideal radio show….. sure I’ve thought about this before, but getting class credit and the opportunity to give it whirl – how intriguing. In “Super Supper and Small Talk,” I explore the format and topics for a superhero themed radio show. The structure could be used for any type of discussion with a “host” facilitating the topic and steering the conversation in the general direction if it starts to veer too far off course. Topics related to superheroes could range from “Can you think of any heroic or super-heroic powers that have become obsolete with modern inventions?” to “Are superheroes tools of soft political power.”

This week push me to expand my technical abilities and I definitely have much more knowledge and tools than I did at the beginning of the week; but more importantly, it helped be practice being comfortable with being uncomfortable. My growth as a student of DS106 and of life exists outside my safety zone. 

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