Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary

The past two weeks have been really stressful.

On a personal note, my dog, Angel passed on the 7th of October. She was 24 years old and I’d had her since I was 19, so for 14 years she was my sole companion. It hit be hard and it was big adjustment and work, school work, and social obligations fell to the wayside. As a result, getting back into the saddle has been trying – I had classwork to catch up on, some of which got done and some of which did not, and I’m in the middle of a 16 day stretch of work between my full time and part time job. It’s exhausting just typing it!

But, I’m am back to my abnormal normal self, and ready to hit the ground running again. I was increasingly stressed about this week’s radio show for a couple reasons – first, audio is not my strong suit; second, I elected to do an interview style report which relied on the availability of the interviewees; and lastly, it’s a group project which means other are relying on me and vice versa.

As for the final product, I’m thrilled. Amanda’s voice is made for radio and her interview with The Beast felt natural and seamless despite having been pre-scripted.  Ashley’s use of movie audio clips and insightful critique during her countdown of Spiderman movies were incredibility engaging. I wish I could have listened to the other’s members in time for this write up. My only disappointment was because it was so close to the deadline with everyone working super hard, we didn’t get a final “approval” of the full length. My opening portion of my segment was cut completely from the final edit which I thought made the closing music disjointed since you didn’t hear the opening music.

My full file: 

I wanted to wait until the final product was ready for my weekly summary.

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