Day in the life and Poetry

Day in the life and Poetry

Day in the life

This was by far the most enjoyable project this week since I got to document my life experiences. I downloaded Adobe Premiere Clip, which is an awesome video editing application for your phone. This made compiling my videos and adding a soundtrack really easy and convenient. I highly recommend the free software. If I had an opportunity to record the videos again, I would  film more of them oriented landscape style so that more of the video frame is utilized. And given more time, I would like learn how to switch between the background music and sound of the original video. I think I need a more advanced photo editor. I could export the video to another editor, specifically Adobe Premiere Pro – however that is not free software and will require some additional time to learn.



Narrative Ambiance

I like that the background noise gives the video a grittiness matching the editing. the poet takes a more melancholy tone with the is setting, yet the words remain hopeful.

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