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For my first project this week, I chose to create an intro to a movie about my superhero Khatyrka. As some of you might recall, I created a poster for the movie a few weeks back. 

 I’ve now constructed the first scenes of the movie with opening credits. 

I began with the vision of showcasing the Russian Siberian mountains where Khatyrka’s story originates. I was partially inspired by other DS106 students who used landscape imaginary to begin their title sequences. However, I realized quite quickly that I did not want to have a voice-over explaining the story. I wanted a more organic and modern introduction to the movie. 

I thought I could open with the landscape and cut to a little girl laying on the ground in the mountains staring at the night night sky. this image proved very difficult to find, but lead me to some stock videos of a woman falling back on grass in slow motion. I decided to change the scene to a dream like sequence where we see Khatyrka in a park falling into a trance like flashback. 

My next obstacle was the stock video itself. I did not want to pay for the video and did not want the watermark on my final project, so I decided to search you tube for a similar image. This again proved unfruitful. At this point, my direction changed again to search for a woman sleeping and waking. I by chance stumbled upon a video clip from the show NCIS of a character having a PTSD nightmare. The character matched Khatyrka’s description, and the scene captured the idea that Khatyrka has a past even she is unsure of. 

Once the creative vision was in place, the technical work began. I downloaded the NCIS video as well as two scenic videos from YouTube using Y2mate and then converted the MP4 files to AVI files using Online-Convert. I selected haunting musical sounds from FreeSound, and import all the files to Windows Movie Maker. Once imported, the files were sliced, cropped, and layered to create the a (relatively) seamless video and audio. Finally, I added the opening credits and aligned them with the tone and start of the audio. At this point, I did realize however that the latest version (2012?) of Windows Movie Maker is no longer available for download. I was working with the 2.6 version which was much more limiting than the tutorials I found for the latest version. For instance, I really wanted to move the credits information to the bottom of the screen, but the system appears to only allow centering the title cards. 

In the end, I am pleased with the results, especially given the technology and very pleased with my new found ability to mute segments of sound within the audio portion of the video. 

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