To the coffee

To the coffee

After my first stumbling block with Windows Movie Maker, I ran into a brick wall for the my second project, “Where do your shoes take you?” the Window Movie Maker audio component wasn’t working at all. This baffled me, as I had just used the system yesterday without any difficulty, but after trying to find a quick fix via google, I decided it was time to try another editing software. 

First I tried Lightworks, it was highly recommend as professional grade software, but I skipped over the part of the review warning about it being “intimidating”. As soon as I finished installed it, I knew I was in trouble. So many buttons, and options, and how do I piece together several clips, and how do I add audio – ahhhhhhhh, help!! UNINSTALL. 

For the second search, I included, user friendly as a qualifier and discovered VSDC Video Editor. after installing this program, I still had a few questions to get started, but the program directed me quickly and easily to tutorials. Now we are in business. And a vast upgrade from the 2.6 Windows Movie Maker. 

I uploaded all my clips and opted to supply sound effects collected from Freesound  for the first two scenes. then I wanted a fun, upbeat song that reflected my pace of day. I searched for royalty free music and came across Bensound. I chose a jazzy little number and over laid it from the point I put on my blue suede shoes. I left the video audio intact for the kitchen and elevator scenes to provide contrast and a sense of waiting. 

Finally, I added the closing credits and extended the music until the end of these. This title and caption editing was so much better tha nthe Windows Movie Maker. I could place the text any where on the screen. I settled on a classic black and white and centered to play off the quirky music. 

I enjoyed this project more than I thought I would, which I credit greatly to the software. Being able to produce a higher quality final production really boosts a girl’s mood! The one thing I would really like to master on the next go round is turning the camera image. I filmed these landscape, but because it facing the floor the majority of time, it uploaded horizontal. I just need to figure out that rotation within the editor……


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