Video Essay

Video Essay

Of course this assignment made me nervous. Would I have enough time to learn the logistics of creating a voice-over video? Would I pick a scene that had enough depth and character to analyze? Would the final product be something I could be proud of or something that would just be “good enough?”

I started by thinking about what scene I might like to use. My first thoughts went to a scene from The Women or Wonder Woman, both pieces I’ve used before; but ultimately, I thought it better to broader my scope and go in search of something new. I started to play around with movies I like and what was available on YouTube.

I found a clip from Snow Falling on Cedars, which I remembered thinking was very artsy when it was first released. I was younger and perhaps some of the art went over my head at that time. I thought the courtroom scene was excellently done and touched on several of the themes this week. I hope you enjoy my analysis.

First, I had to figure out to download the clip from YouTube. This was relatively easy, I googled the question and found Y2Mate, it was not a secure site, but did the job. I then imported the video file and my voice-over file into Window Movie Maker and created still images that I inserted in the spaces when my analysis went longer than the scene clip. 

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