Weekly Summary 11

Weekly Summary 11

This week had some roller-coasters for me, but once I was on a roll, it all coasted.  – Darn, I’m clever. 

I started by week trapped in Iceland after a wind storm delayed my return flight by two days. But there are worst places to be trapped and I was surrounded by good friends – even made a new one! Once back on the good ole US of A, I knew I had to buckle down to makeup for time lost! 

For my first project this week,  in “Now Playing” – I chose to create an intro to a movie about my superhero Khatyrka and  constructed the first scenes of the movie with opening credits. 

After my first stumbling block with Windows Movie Maker, I ran into a brick wall for the my second project, “To the Coffee.”

Ultimately, I enjoyed this project more than I thought I would, which I credit greatly to the new software I acquired. Being able to produce a higher quality final production really boosts a girl’s mood! 

I was pretty excited to work on this last project with my new found awesome editing software. I chose to do a variation of the Serenity Now challenge in “Head in the Clouds.” I listen to guided mediation on YouTube on a regular basis, so that makes be qualify to create one, right? …..Right?  (see below)

The (Ro)Bots are coming, and we have got to do something about the “Twitterverse and Trolls

Daily Create(s) – oops

Now come chill out with after this long week – you’ve earned it. 

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